EAP (English for Academic Purposes)

English is the language spoken by nearly two billion people and is the primary means of communication in business, travel and international relations.

The most important universities in the world live in countries where English is spoken, where the latter is an essential requisite to gain access.


Why study English in Australia?


Studying English in Australia will be a unique experience that will allow you to give a new impetus to your career and beyond.

In Australia, you will have the privilege of attending the schools who will assist you and guide you to the level of English you want.

Trusting our team, you will be assisted step by step in choosing the school that best suits your needs all the way through your application for a Student Visa.

Only our best schools get our approval to be offered to our students.


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EAP (English for Academic Purposes)

What is an EAP course ?

The EAP (English for Academic Purposes) is a course of intensive study and full-time to prepare all young people who choose Australia to study, whether it’s a professional course, a diploma, a degree or a master.

However it is important to stress that not all schools accept the certificate EAP and is often also required certification IELTS.

What is it?

The EAP course aims to expand the knowledge of academic vocabulary, to perfect grammatical structures and to improve each student in order to ensure successful study.

Thanks to the course youwill learn to:

  • Develop a level of academic English, accurate both in spoken and in written
  • Analyze the topics
  • Write term papers and elaborate academic English
  • Attend seminars, workshops and academic courses in English without any difficulty


Course Length

The course duration is about 3 months and placement booking is required.

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