Living in Australia

Living in Australia

Living in Australia is the dream of many young people and others, and it is easy to imagine why. Anyone who has lived in Australia for a period shorter or longer, to study or to work, was fascinated by the beauty of this land. Australia in a sense, is addictive and if you leave you can not help but think of the time when you will come back.

The harmonious relations between people living in Australia is a typical feature of this continent, which makes it unique in the world and in a special way. The integration of all cultures present is there for everyone to see and is a true model of respect, envied by all other countries.

The cost of living in Australia is proportional to those that are guaranteed minimum wages, is therefore lower than in Italy. Living in Australia is therefore a complete experience from every point of view and will allow you to grow in terms of personal and professional aspect.


The climate in Australia is moderate for most of the year, but may vary due to the size of the continent.

The northern states are characterized by a generally warm climate, while the southern states have a colder winter.

The Summer starts from December to February, Autumn from March to May, Winter from June to August and Spring from September to November.

What to do

Australia is the sixth nation in scope and has less inhabitants than Italy: this continent is to be explored and will give you, thanks to its landscapes, unforgettable emotions.
Once there, you can enjoy all that Australia has to offer: the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, the magnificent beaches and the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, the vast rain forests, the Canyon in Kimberly and more!

Mostly, in many regions, due to its favorable climate you can practice surfing and other sports throughout the year!

 You are lucky enough to experience every day a variety of cuisines, from Japanese to Mexican to Italian! Australians are also very concerned with protecting the environment and all the national parks are clean, cared for and respected by all.

Australia is definitely a wonderful place to live and every day you can discover and appreciate its beauty.

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