Until March 15, 2019 you will have the chance to enrol in a course of your choice, either Marketing or Leadership & Management for a special price of $325 per month!

Up to 2 years visa for only $325 per month! Just 1 day per week!

Choose your school path

We offer diversified packages to better suit your needs.
Choose between:

  • Leadership & Management
  • Marketing

The course will help you understand all the dynamics regarding these fields: administration and advertising operations, human resources management, sales methods, marketing plans and much much more!

You will be followed step by step during the whole course to achieve top results and be ready to enter the working environment at the end of your studies!
We propose courses with compulsory attendance of just 1 day per week, to give you plenty of after class free time to enjoy however you like!

  • 18 months course
  • Up to 24 months visa
  • Available in Melbourne
  • 1 day per week

Promotion valid only until the 15th March 2019!