Health Care in Australia

Australia health insurance is essential. Medicare is the health insurance they are entitled to all Australian citizens, people have (or have applied for) a permanent resident visa and those with a temporary visa as the Working Holiday Visa.

In fact, once they arrive in Australia, thanks to a bilateral agreement with some countries, you can take advantage of free health insurance for the first six months of the date of entry, including basic services in the clinic or hospital.

How to get it?

You must go to a Medicare office in your area, presenting your passport, visa, health card and Italian providing their bank details.

How do I renew it?

Expired six months, you must exit and re-enter Australia in using it for another six months, or private insurance. Those who apply for the second year Working Holiday Visa is no longer entitled to Medicare and provide with private insurance.

What is OSHC?

The OSHC, however, is the mandatory health insurance for students of all courses, vocational schools and universities in Australia. This insurance covers basic medical treatment, emergency transport by ambulance and visits to the general practitioner. Australian Study Solutions offers NIB, insurance that costs $ 35 dollars a month, which is paid in advance, before entering Australia, for those in Italy.

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