Student Visa

The Student Visa is a visa designed for students of all ages, who want to study in Australia.

Reside in Australia for the duration of the course

 2 months from the date of completion of the course


Enroll in a college course, professional, language, masters or doctorate


Be accompanied by a member of your family

How to obtein it

To obtain the Student Visa you will need to complete the application online through the Australian Department of Immigration websiteor contact the Australian embassy in Rome. The student visa will cost $ 550 AUD (updated today) and requires compliance with the following requirements:

  • No age limit
  • COE (Confirmation of Enrolment), the certificate of registration for a course that will be sent by the school, or institution, once confirmed your registration
  • Health care required before arriving in Australia (OSHC – Overseas Student Health Cover)


Which obligations does it entail?

Once you’ve got your Student Visa, The Australian Government provides certain obligations:

Frequentazione dei corsi per un minimo di 80%
Sostenere gli esami richiesti per ogni semestre
Tenere sempre aggiornati Università e Istituti riguardo il vostro domicilio

In case of breach, you will receive a letter of warning from the Department of Immigration and in some cases your visa may be canceled.

Is it possible to extend it?

Yes. If you need to extend the student visa for further studies or simply need more time to complete your current schedule, you can apply for an extension to get another student visa.


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