The White Card, What is it and how to get it


The White Card is a card (size of an ATM) which  you will receive once you have finished the course of work health and safety. And you are required to work on construction sites in NSW, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria and shows that you have received the appropriate training to work in the construction industry also in the job security areas. This card could also be used if you want to work as a traffic controller or to  complete further studies of the RTA Blue Card.

How do I get it?

To obtain the White Card it’s expected to attend the Occupational Health and Safety course (OH & S course) lasting one day, then you will need to complete a short test and if so, get the White card certification received by mail.

By attending the course, you’ll acquire the necessary knowledge regarding the safety standards in the workplace, health and what procedures to take in case of accidents.

Where to do the test?

It’s possible to do the test at one of several centers or online.

Why also call it Green Card?

It is commonly called the green card in the past because the card was green, but in recent years it has been changed to white – that’ s why it is sometimes called White Card and sometimes Green Card but it is the same thing!

How much does it cost?

Usually the price ranges from $ 70 to $ 100 Australian dollars.


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